Fee Plans

Fee Plans

Fixed Fee — Total peace of mind. We will agree our fee with you in advance. You get certainty, while we take the risk!

Variable Fee — The traditional method, still favoured by many. You pay according to the time we necessarily spend in dealing with your affairs, and according to the levels of the members of staff involved in dealing with the work.

Fixed/Variable Combination — As this suggests, we can agree a fixed fee with you for certain services, while providing other services on an hourly basis. For example, you might want to agree a fixed fee for year-end accounting and audit work, but 'pay as you go' for tax or consultancy services during the course of the year.

Our main objective is to provide an excellent customer service. We care about our reputation and put our customers’ needs prior to everything else. We will save you money by reducing your tax bill.

Our services come with a modest fee.

Here at Capital + Accountants we offer you to settle your bills by a variety of ways.